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I’m a google fan, I admit it fully.  I use lots of their services, I like their stuff and I am at peace with their devling into my personal space.  It’s gonna happen, unless you choose to live your life 100% offline, you are trading personal privacy for access to services.

Their latest creation (which has been around for a while, just not public) is their very own URL shortener called  It does some of the usual things, it tracks metrics and it does one other things I think is really cool.  It creates a QR code for your url.

Here is one I created earlier (ha, sounds like a cooking show). for the url

Very cool.  I like QR codes.  For those of us with smart phones, a simple scan of the code and you can open the site.

I do wish the service had an easy way to copy the new urls to the clipboard though.

So what else can it do?  Well #1, I want it to tie in with their safe browsing serivce ( so that I can’t create a URL to a known bad site.  I’d also like them to regularly scan the urls and disable those that link to malware.  There are lots of URL shorteners and they definately pose a security risk and it’s about time someone took the step of removing bad URL’s.


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Spam, really ?

On a page I havent showed to anyone, havent linked to from any where.  That’s sweet.

I am guessing it’s just a case of searching for blog.* on domains, and if it’s got a wordpress, hit it up.  Still, kinda cool.

So, working hard on Drupal.  I like Drupal, but boy is there a major steep learning curve to go beyond simple site.  I’m working with Organic Groups.  I figure a “Cause” on HFC can be a Group, and a “Need” be a response.  Thing is, when I think about a fully working HFC, I kind of see hackers browsing through a catalog of “Needs” looking for ones that meet their skills.

So that to me speaks of Taxonomoy.  I think I can go one further.  What if there was a shared taxonomy between Needs and Hackers?  A Hacker selects from a set of skills that they have, or things they are interested in.  When a Cause posts a Need, it fills out the same skills.  We can then match up hackers to needs in many ways.  Show a “New Needs” box to Hackers browsing that only show them Needs that require their skills.  All kinds of possabilities become available. (more…)

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On thin ice.

We desperately need a server upgrade.  We currently have 2 dedicated boxes, and it’s certainly starting to show it’s age.  Major problem is space.  I need more space to be able to upgrade TR and TF.

So I am putting the pressure on Aharon to buy us something new.  Looking at this —

It’s what a site I frequent quite often ( uses, and they have many times our current users, so if it works for them, should work for us.

We can get a nicely configured quadcore i970 box, 12gb ram, 2x500gb drives, for about $300 a month.  Only caveate is bandwidth, it comes with 2.5TB.  Not sure how much we are currently using.  I should look that up.

Biggest issue with that is backups.  The drives are not mirrored (ouch!).  so what happens if we have a disk failure? (more…)

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