Hacker Fiction.

This is going to be a list of fiction books that involve hacking or similar technology (in no order).  Email zate75 [at] gmail.com if you have some to add or think something needs to be removed.  If you haven’t read any of these, start with the top 2.


Daemon - 
Freedom - [Link]
Aggressive Network Defense - [Link]
Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box - [Link]
Enchantress - [Link]
Ice Tea - [Link]
The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo - [Link]
The Girl Who Played With Fire - [Link]
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest - [Like]
Hackers - [Link]
Mind Hackers - [Link]
The Hacker and the Ants - [Link]
The Shockwave Rider - [Link]
Hex - [Link]
Hackers (Collection of short stories) - [Link]
Seventh Level - [Link]
Down The Wire - [Link]
Broken Crescent - [Link]
X - [Link]
Pearl Harbor Dot Com - [Link]
Irreconcilable Differences - [Link]
Cursed and Consulted - [Link]
The Kabalyon Key - [Link]
Exegesis - [Link]
Invisible Armies - [Link]
Z4CK - [Link]
Mind Games - [Link]
Snow White and the Seven Samurai - [Link]
The Blue No Where - [Link]
Legion:  The Enemy Within - [Link]
Synners - [Link]
MetaGame - [Link]
Geek Mafia: Black Hat Blues - [Link]
Digital Fortress - [Link]
G33k Mafia - [Link]
Little Brother - [Link]
For The Win - [Link]
G33k Mafia: Mile Zero - [Link]
Snow Crash - [Link]
Neuromancer - [Link]
Cryptonomicon - [Link]
Diamond Age - [Link]
Amity - [Link]
The Ark of Adams - [Link]
Hard_Code - [Link]
The Internet Hero - [Link]
The Cat Virus - [Link]
Behind The Screen: Hacking Hollywood - [Link]
The Mezonic Agenda: Hacking the Presidency- [Link]
Fatal Encryption - [Link]
Candy Man - [Link]
A Plague On Both Houses - [Link]
2 Periods: How Hacking Led To Murder - [Link]
The Saints Go Dying - [Link]
The Programmer - [Link]
Stealing the Network: How to own a continent - [Link]
Looking Glass - [Link]
The Hacker and the Holy War - [Link]
Gnome: Sunset Investigations - [Link]
Credit Check - [Link]
Charity Begins With Other People's Money - [Link]
Ultimate Dare - [Link]

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Streaming Parser for Nessus Plugin up for testing.

A few late night sessions of coding and I have a version of the plugin up on github.com that uses REXML Streaming Listener to parse the NessusV2 Reports.  The benefits of this is being able to handle much larger scans, much faster as it will itterate over each host and add it as it parses it, instead of the DOM/Tree method which loads the entire file into memory before parsing.

What I’d like is a few people to test it.

[singlepic id=14 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=]

So, grab the code from here, unpack it and then over write your metasploit install with the files in that archive.  Should be 4 of them.

Once you have done that, test it, connect to a Nessus server, import some reports, test all the other functions and maybe even just test some importing of nmap etc too if you like.

Report any bugs to me to be fixed and then when you want to remove these files, just delete these 4 from your metasploit install and then do “svn update”.

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On thin ice.

We desperately need a server upgrade.  We currently have 2 dedicated boxes, and it’s certainly starting to show it’s age.  Major problem is space.  I need more space to be able to upgrade TR and TF.

So I am putting the pressure on Aharon to buy us something new.  Looking at this — http://knownhost.com/dedicated-servers.html

It’s what a site I frequent quite often (tankspot.com) uses, and they have many times our current users, so if it works for them, should work for us.

We can get a nicely configured quadcore i970 box, 12gb ram, 2x500gb drives, for about $300 a month.  Only caveate is bandwidth, it comes with 2.5TB.  Not sure how much we are currently using.  I should look that up.

Biggest issue with that is backups.  The drives are not mirrored (ouch!).  so what happens if we have a disk failure? (more…)

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