It’s the small victories…

So one of the major “issues” with the Nessus for Metasploit Plugin right now is that it does not handle large reports well.  Not even the usual db_import_nessus handles large reports well and this is because it reads the entire file in one big blob then parses it.

The nexpose importer and the nmap importer both use REXML Stream Processors.

So tonight I copied the nmap_xml.rb file and am working on making it process Nessus v2 files.  I am hoping that both the Nessus plugin, and the db_import will benefit from these changes.

I’ve been looking at it for a few days and kind of avoiding it because it’s difficult and is going to require large portions of my time fumbling through learning how the current one works enough to know how/what to modify.

Well turns out it’s simpler than I thought. (more…)

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