Hacker Fiction.

This is going to be a list of fiction books that involve hacking or similar technology (in no order).  Email zate75 [at] gmail.com if you have some to add or think something needs to be removed.  If you haven’t read any of these, start with the top 2.


Daemon - 
Freedom - [Link]
Aggressive Network Defense - [Link]
Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box - [Link]
Enchantress - [Link]
Ice Tea - [Link]
The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo - [Link]
The Girl Who Played With Fire - [Link]
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest - [Like]
Hackers - [Link]
Mind Hackers - [Link]
The Hacker and the Ants - [Link]
The Shockwave Rider - [Link]
Hex - [Link]
Hackers (Collection of short stories) - [Link]
Seventh Level - [Link]
Down The Wire - [Link]
Broken Crescent - [Link]
X - [Link]
Pearl Harbor Dot Com - [Link]
Irreconcilable Differences - [Link]
Cursed and Consulted - [Link]
The Kabalyon Key - [Link]
Exegesis - [Link]
Invisible Armies - [Link]
Z4CK - [Link]
Mind Games - [Link]
Snow White and the Seven Samurai - [Link]
The Blue No Where - [Link]
Legion:  The Enemy Within - [Link]
Synners - [Link]
MetaGame - [Link]
Geek Mafia: Black Hat Blues - [Link]
Digital Fortress - [Link]
G33k Mafia - [Link]
Little Brother - [Link]
For The Win - [Link]
G33k Mafia: Mile Zero - [Link]
Snow Crash - [Link]
Neuromancer - [Link]
Cryptonomicon - [Link]
Diamond Age - [Link]
Amity - [Link]
The Ark of Adams - [Link]
Hard_Code - [Link]
The Internet Hero - [Link]
The Cat Virus - [Link]
Behind The Screen: Hacking Hollywood - [Link]
The Mezonic Agenda: Hacking the Presidency- [Link]
Fatal Encryption - [Link]
Candy Man - [Link]
A Plague On Both Houses - [Link]
2 Periods: How Hacking Led To Murder - [Link]
The Saints Go Dying - [Link]
The Programmer - [Link]
Stealing the Network: How to own a continent - [Link]
Looking Glass - [Link]
The Hacker and the Holy War - [Link]
Gnome: Sunset Investigations - [Link]
Credit Check - [Link]
Charity Begins With Other People's Money - [Link]
Ultimate Dare - [Link]

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