Sometimes the names of concepts or objects I am describing don’t make it from the abstract in my head, to being thrust upon the world through my most awesome linguistics.  Some where along the way my own personal mod_rewrite substitutes them all with “things” and “stuff”.  I know 110% what I am referring too, alas my family, collegues and friends often do not.

Perhaps I can slow it down a little and get the correct words to describe the correct concepts out here.  I tend to think a lot, and none of it is about what I might be doing right now, so perhaps some of the less complicated abstracts can be written up here.

No set topics, no set agenda, just a collection of things and stuff.

Chances are I’ll forget I set this up in a week anyhow.

I work in security.

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  • Anie Nham says:

    Thanks so much for doing this site!!
    It is immensely important for those of us who were left hanging after the Millennium

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