So much to learn, so little time.

I’m having some major schizophrenia with learning these days.  Just so many disparate things I want to learn and I’m not making as much progress learning as I used to.  I used to be able to suck up a new subject once or twice a week.  Like totally suck it up, have a great understanding and be able to expand on it and move it in new directions.

Right now I am on like month 3 of several things.  I think it’s a case of trying to do to much.

I have a course coming up soon on Pen Testing with Backtrack (PWB) that I am pretty excited about.  It’s 30 days of labs, a bunch of video lectures and a final exam that is 24H long.  Yes, 24H exam, I cannot wait.  I haven’t had anything really challenge me in a while.

Decided also that I am going to add a few new categories to this blog and write more often.

Adding :

  • Fatherhood – going to write a little about my boys and some of the cool things they do.
  • Games – going to write a few opinion pieces on Games, MMO’s and PC gaming specifically.
  • Security – going to weigh in on a few security topics that have been on my mind, this might prompt me to invest more of myself in my career.

This is in addition to the 3 categories i already have; Things, Stuff and Bananas.  All very important.

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